tenue du jour #1

Outfit of the day #1. Maje Top (summer'12) / The Kooples Neoprene Skirt (winter '12) / Repetto "Zizi" Brogues / YSL La Laque Couture in Bleu Majorelle (Nailpolish) / Bracelets bought on holidays (the orange one is one of my fav' and I brought it from Florence last summer)

When I stay at home and the weather is cloudy like today, I like to bring a little bit of sun with my outfit. I also experiment with my clothes to have some ideas for this summer. I particularly like the combination between my bright yellow top and the Klein blue nail polish that I bought recently. The shape of the skirt is very unusual but also very feminine so I like to keep it simple and pair it with a large tee. This skirt is from the winter collection of The Kooples, though the fabric is quite light. What do you think about this outfit guys ?


Picture from : Marine Blackbird


how to - be a cool girl this summer? (part one)

During the crazy month of fashion week, I sit on my couch at home (nope, not in the vip list) and check out everyday style.com (aka the fashion bible) for the newest shows. I enjoy the creativity and excitement happening there. But it is only months later that I can relate to the shows and see what I can take from them and then adapt what caught my eyes to my actual wardrobe. After a never-ending cold spring, summer has finally come (well let’s not be so enthusiastic) and it’s time for changes. Since I was frustrated by the weather for so long, I already went through fashion shows, spotted new things that I found interesting and I even went shopping for new stuff (yeah). Here is the part one of the series “How to – be a cool girl this summer” or at least the girl I would dream to be this summer.

Crop Sweaters: It's one of the biggest trends out there. Carven (1&2) have sprinkled their collection with these adorable sweaters that I admit were not something I would have seen myself embrace. Until I realised that I’ve already worn a crop sweater during the entire past summer and I absolutely adored it. Mine looks like the one from 3.1 Phillip Lim (3) with short sleeves and black lace. I’m not lying; I wore it with almost everything from my closet. It makes a look more special especially on top of a simple tee with a pair of denim short and sandals. One thing I love love love (…) from Phillip Lim (3) and haven’t tried yet, is to combine my sweater with a check shirt/top. This year, I added the knit and long sleeves version in my closet and it is even more versatile. There are a lot of other ways to pair these two sweaters but I will show you how in another post.
Light Pants: This is not something I already figured out since I’m still looking for a pair of cool pants. I just love the attitude of the second and fourth girl; it’s kind of Paris nonchalant vs New York nonchalant. It’s just so hard for a young girl to find the right pant that is still fresh and playful and not so much “ladylike”. What I would keep in mind during shopping is to look for a colour that pops or for a mix of prints with a neutral colour. The last look (5) is from Rodarte (you will soon realised how much I’m obsessed with this brand) and it’s not about the pant (not so much wearable in real life) particularly that I’m so fond of but it is more about the overall aspect of the look that is interesting. For this summer, I’m looking for something easy, yet intriguing. The combination of the silk blouse, the big necklace and the sporty high-heels is a right balance between feminine elements and street ones.
Gold/Metal Accessories: A Canvas Bag is really cute for summer but it doesn’t add something unique enough to the outfit to be noticed. I just fell for Phillip Lim’s golden bag when I spotted it on the runway. It makes the look (3) stands out by simply adding something precious. In summer, jewellery is more relevant since we can’t dress up so much. I usually have a bunch of bracelets that I like to buy when on vacation in the local shops (great as gifts to your girlfriends).

Guys, have you spotted these trends as well? Have you tried them? I’d like to know as well what you would love to wear this summer.


Credits : Pictures from Style.com / Carven, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Rodarte (Brands)