style inspiration: masculin/féminin

Visually, I am often inspired by youthful, romantic looks. I guess I like a sort of dreamy vibe (think Sofia Coppola's movies and Annie Leibovitz's photographs) and my graphics have often soft tones. However, when it comes to my outfits, I love to mix feminine and masculine elements. That is why if I had to describe my style, I would answer rock chic. I have never feel comfortable in a total feminine look. As a child, I don't remember being in a dress but I don't feel like I was masculine either. I am certainly not now especially as I have become quite the beauty and makeup enthusiast. But, trousers have always been my best friends in life. From a purple velvet trouser (this one was my favorite in elementary school), I evolved towards skinny jeans.

Here are two looks that are inspired by what I would wear without thinking twice about it.