keep calm and carry a small makeup bag

Beauty is a big passion of mine which started in high school and truly expanded three years ago. Now I'm totally hooked and I follow way too much beauty blogs, makeup artists and beauty writers. I actually never wrote about beauty on my previous blog (I was all about fashion at that time) but this is about to change. You can be sure to find a lot of beauty related articles here so hopefully you'll like reading them. My approach to beauty is quite minimalist, I either like a smoky eye or a bright lip, but not together. Yes, I'm very French that way. But most of all, I adore skincare and hair products. Hello French pharmacies!

But, let's focus on today's topic: My small makeup bag I carry with me everywhere I go.
I cannot be without it. Every time I forgot it (which is rare), I suddenly need to touch up my makeup and I have to spend the rest of the day in a bad mood with a makeup that is running down my face. Not a pretty sight. Thanks god, it doesn't happen that often when I have everything I need in that tiny bag.