Current playlist / a walk somewhere else

Long time no see. The hardest thing about university is to juggle your studies and your free time. In my course, I do not have a busy schedule and I have a lot of ‘free time’ that are meant to study more than to do others things. What happens to me is that I tend to tell to myself that I need to study and I exclude anything else. I know, it’s a bit intense but I am in my final year so I feel even guiltier if I take some time for my hobbies. I’ve realised that I haven’t written (apart from essays) or made graphic creations since I got to uni, which saddens me. The thing is that lately, I feel that I cannot just study all the time and that in the end I don’t even study that much because I am always frustrated that I cannot express myself in a creative way. That’s why I am coming back on here to write and post about things that I love because I need it. I have a notebook filled with ideas of blog posts but I always tell myself that I have no time or that my studies are more important. The truth is that I need to find my balance between uni and hobbies.

Well, music is something that I will never give up because it literally helps me in every aspect of my life. I cannot study or write in silence and at the same time in my little free time I escape by listening to music. Music is like breathing, it’s essential to me. So I thought I would share what I have been listening to lately. I’ve put some recent discoveries and some old favourites that I will never get bored of.