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Long time no see. The hardest thing about university is to juggle your studies and your free time. In my course, I do not have a busy schedule and I have a lot of ‘free time’ that are meant to study more than to do others things. What happens to me is that I tend to tell to myself that I need to study and I exclude anything else. I know, it’s a bit intense but I am in my final year so I feel even guiltier if I take some time for my hobbies. I’ve realised that I haven’t written (apart from essays) or made graphic creations since I got to uni, which saddens me. The thing is that lately, I feel that I cannot just study all the time and that in the end I don’t even study that much because I am always frustrated that I cannot express myself in a creative way. That’s why I am coming back on here to write and post about things that I love because I need it. I have a notebook filled with ideas of blog posts but I always tell myself that I have no time or that my studies are more important. The truth is that I need to find my balance between uni and hobbies.

Well, music is something that I will never give up because it literally helps me in every aspect of my life. I cannot study or write in silence and at the same time in my little free time I escape by listening to music. Music is like breathing, it’s essential to me. So I thought I would share what I have been listening to lately. I’ve put some recent discoveries and some old favourites that I will never get bored of.

Current playlist

HEAL ~ ELLIE GOULDING / Ellie is one of my favourite artists but I must admit I am a bit disappointed by her new album that do not have such heartfelt lyrics and felt more like ‘dancing music’. Halcyon Days was pure perfection. However, I found this gem and I’ve put it on repeat many times.

HERE ~ ALESSIA CARA / I’m probably the last one to discover her music. The lyrics are just epic and resonated with my introvert side. Plus, I love the soul influences.

KEEPING YOUR HEAD UP ~ BIRDY / I just love Birdy’s voice and this song takes me to somewhere else. When I feel down, I like listening to the lyrics.

QUEEN OF PEACE + WHAT KIND OF MAN ~ FLORENCE + THE MACHINE / I could put the whole How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful album and it has been on repeat since it came out. Florence’s music is so cathartic; it expresses so many intense feelings. I really get lost in her music and I am even more in love with her videos for this album.

A BAD DREAM ~ KEANE / Same as Florence + the machine, I could put their whole Best Of album because my favourite song changes everyday. I have been listening to Keane for 8 years at least. I don’t really know how to describe their music. I feel their music something that takes you on a journey and their lyrics resonate with people.

ALL OF THEM DREAMS + FORESTS ON THE WAY THERE ~ TOM ROSENTHAL / Oh my god, I am so in love with his music. It’s so peaceful and poetic in a way. It’s like a little walk in a magical landscape. I discovered Tom Rosenthal music through Will Darbyshire youtube videos which are amazing by the way.

Did you guys recently discovered a new song or artist?
Do you have a playlist of your favourite songs that take you somewhere else?

Credits: creation by me. Tested a new style with brushes and filter, what do you guys think? And yes, it's freezing in England so I'm dreaming of palm trees. :)