summer scent

Before I ever got into makeup, there was my first ever perfume. Since then, perfume has always been a symbol of femininity. Of course men do wear perfume but it was my first gift as a teenage girl so I associate perfume with womanhood. Scent is a very personal thing and I wore the same perfume for 7 years. It was a fresh orange flower perfume from a luxury brand that I would get as a Christmas gift every year. Everybody associated me with this smell and it was really hard to transition to another perfume. Two year ago, when I celebrated my 18th birthday, I had the idea to change perfume to mark the beginning of a new era. It took me one year to find a fragrance because I instantly bought a fragrance that had the same ingredients than my previous one. When you wear the same scent for years, it's really hard to let go of it. It's comfortable to wear and it smells like you. But I found a great perfume that blended with my skin. It's less known and more complex since it's from an exclusive collection. However, I don't feel like I am as attached to it than the previous one. I am getting comfortable with the idea of having different perfumes depending on my mood. I used to hate that idea and didn't understand how people could change their perfume just like that. Until, I went to Victoria's Secret store in London, one month ago during my trip with my cousin. I thought I would never like Victoria's Secret scents because I hate girly and sweet perfumes which I associate with the brand. Victoria's Secrets with its pink everywhere, sparkling bras and in your face femininity, everything that I'm not so fan of. Well I ended up buying 3 fragrance products and here is my thoughts about them.

Bombshell was the first purchase I made. I was advised by a fantastic woman who had worked at Tom Ford and other luxury perfume brands. She knew her stuff and convinced me to buy this perfume. From the whole range, it was the one that smelled the most sexy and fresh. It's still a sweet perfume but not the typical vanilla scent that I can't stand. It's gentle, feminine and not too overpowering. I feel girly and attractive when I wear it. However, it definitely has a tropical scent so I don't think I will wear it all year long. Also, it doesn't last as long and is not as unique as my luxury perfume. At the moment, it is my perfect summer duo with Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan* (the French version in the picture).

This must be my favourite purchase from the 3 products! Both my cousin and I fell in love with this body mist which in my opinion is the most unique and grown-up from the whole range. We tried the other fragrance mists which were all summery, flowery or sweet and a bit expected and common to be honest. Amber Romance is sort of an alien in the range, it had this sweet scent but rather gourmand than sickly sweet. I don't think it smells of vanilla cherry which apparently a lot of people think so. I think of it as a creamy scent with a subtle touch of caramel and amber. It feels warm and comforting and I actually think I could wear it during winter as well which is why I combined it with my RĂ©sine candle from Dyptique (limited edition last winter). They may both be more winter scent but I'm rebel and I won't wear fresh scents in the summer I actually associate this kind of smell with a warm summer night around a fire. Sounds nice, right? Surprisingly, its lasting power is better than the Bombshell perfume. A great gem that I will keep in my collection!

Third and last product that is actually my least favorite because it does not suit my personality. After being so surprised by Amber Romance, I wanted to buy another mist but I was not that impressed with the others. I picked up Love Addict because it had blood orange in it and I love the smell of oranges. I tried it recently at work and the smell was really strong at first but then did not last as long as Amber Romance. I felt like it did not blend with my skin and was way too fresh which seemed like I was wearing a deodorant spray. The wild orchid scent is too strong for me and I'm not a flowery scent kind of girl. Maybe, it would suit someone that love flower scents like the one of roses.
Have you ever tried Victoria's Secret fragrance products? What are your favourite summer scents?


Notes: * I've only just started this book but it seems really good. A friend of mine recommended to me and after reading reviews, I can't wait to get more into the story. It's a story about the life of rich families from Hong Kong. So far, I find that it is really pleasant to read and you actually learn some Chinese words.

Credits: pictures by me, background images from French Glamour July 2015.