diary n°001 - A good summer

BOOOO I didn't post as frequently as I planned and trust me it's not because I don't have anything to post because I have a long list of ideas. I just had a crazy busy month of June and first half of July. It was a good kind of busy and it left me more motivated and energized than ever! It feels good when your life is starting to get exciting and good stuff happens. To be honest, I had been frustrated for a while that nothing was happening. I have always been quite anxious about the future in general and I worry so much that my life is going to be boring. I think that's a common thing for teenager and young adult. Because of social media, you see even more what people are doing in a sort of distorted fairytale. They are all going on fabulous vacation, interning somewhere amazing, going on road trip, scuba diving and whatnot. And you are sitting in your bedroom wondering when it's going to happen to you. I have felt that for a long time so if somebody feels the same way, trust me, it will change but only if you do something (cheesy but true). So I picked myself up and starting taking steps towards my dream life. Here's what I did while not posting on this blog.

On 27th June, I got to see Taylor Swift in concert at Hyde Park which was and still is the best day of my life. I got to go with my cousin and we will remember this day in London forever. I bought my tickets back in November and at that time where I wasn't feeling good so I wanted to do something nice for myself. Well, let me tell you I felt amazing after this concert. In short, Taylor is so much more beautiful than in the pictures if that's possible, she looked like an angel in her moving runway which is the best thing to connect with fans, her male dancers are so hot it's not fair, I loved her new version of We are Never Getting Back Together! I think she should do a Pop Rock album next. Oh and Sam Smith and my queen of life Ellie Goulding were opening acts!! Taylor's concert was really inspiring and uplifting. Taylor is such an empowering person especially towards women and I really felt like she had this girl power thing underlying her whole concert (she had videos of most of her girlfriends in-between songs). You go Taylor!

Then, I spend a week in Brighton with my cousin to show her around. I did lots of beauty and clothes shopping so posts about those British products are for sure going to be uploaded soon. I just don't want to do a big haul kind of thing because it feels too 'show off' in my opinion. I'd rather talk in topics like hair care, cheap drugstore finds, etc. What do you think?

Finally, I got a summer job back in Paris which was not an easy thing to do after sending many CVs for both internships and student jobs. I have to say goodbye to lazy days relaxing on the beach and probably getting a tan (although, I'm tempted to try a wash off tan product). But more importantly, I'm getting experience so I hope it'll be a good step towards my future.

Well, that's just a short post to share a little bit of my life and tell you I'm still around and will be posting soon.